Cold Embraces

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Random
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Your touch invigourates
Stimulating every sinue
Antisipatory tingles dance
Heart beats strong with joy
Enrapture enveloped my being
I am yours completely for eternity
Love is ours always

Taken from me way too soon
By forces uncontrolled
Seduced by evils depravity
Darkness decends
Cold the touch of your fleshless form
Slow dipreseratory rythm of my heart
Gone the sunlight and warmth of day
My thoughts and memories glow
Struggling to ommit warmth
Dragging my emotiveness to sumits
Longing replaces peace and togetherness
Dam these wars of worldless need
Service condemned you too your grave
Leaving us with cold emotionless embraces of loved ones gone
Living lonely existances deprived of self

Where has the love gone !!!!
How do we survive !!!!!


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