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Hey Ugly is the cry
Four eyed Freak they laugh
Hey You Guys” the film referance
Here’s the punch ,the kick aggression shows
Pushed from piller to post and carpet rolled
Differance is the fear if the normal
Propelled by ignorance and blindness
Here I find that place safe
Solitary seat of calm
Deep in my head controled
Body numb as strike after strike falls
Red mist gathers thick
Muscles twitch and fists clentch
But safe here alone mental calm
Controlless of actions
Targets aquired as silent assasin glares
Dark opake windows emotiveless
Control given in my place
Release the assasin or stay at peace

The tormented beast once calm
   Has the instinct of hunter, protector
Negates control whe necessity calls
Clears ground and targets abound
From sanities safety numb but clear
  Striking out through fear and anger
Trembling and swetting pure terrors wine



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Invisable staring into space
  Undiscript emotions in my head
    Thoughtless nature of those around
Involantary the gloom that fills me
  Consumed by the actions of others
     Crushed the origanality of self
Twisted my mental pictures
   Dispare at the solitude forced on me
      Anger thrives on dipressiveness
Contimplation thoughts of the end
    Evil the formulated plans
       Discust at self loathing and pain
Indaviduals pass by without care
    Screams fall silent on others ears
        Friends seem to vannish into thin air

its cold and dark here in this place alone and scared just me and my pain dragging into dipressions parlour

Taken Hold

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Head and limbs drooped
Body gnarled and twisted
Organs compressed and wracked
Dull and sullen conformity
Shrouded in mist and darkness
The days light and joy
Terrified and aloof
Mirky soallessness in full control
Chemical formulations inept
Pain and dipressiveness rule
Alone in this crouded place
Miss understood bewilderment surrounds
Expectations of normalities service
Scattered and expelled from view

It has taken hold
   fullness of control
The demons laugh and dance
    kindness searches
Battle for freedom in full flow
     distruction of self
Striking for peace and releif
    the bodies forces strive
Supported and boosted by
  medical advancements attempts
Still no cure for perception or feeling
   Low and disruptive angsts

Glints of true steel

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In life we toil
Surroundings and natures play
Oppressed by Governance and society

Programmed by Media,Society,Teachings and Expectations

Filled with individuality
Striving too shine and escape
Self existance

Weilding Steely determination like the social samurai invoking changes

Conseptual realities fall
Put to the blades of self control
Sliced and hacked

Power of individuality spews fresh and clear washing over and cleansing all

The steal glints and warns that this life is directed and strong
Untaintable by the putrid stench or colourisations
Free to be

Forging true paths
Forcing others to step aside in acceptance
Of fortitude and steely strength within


Turbulant tossing
Vortexuaul rotation of mood
Manic depressiveness bleeds
Seeping into euphoric delerium
Complection chamilien
Intersected by waining faith
Ego dismissive and faint
Powerless and devoid
Agraphobic intentions surround
Disruptive and agressive charges
All consuming darkness
Grasping and enveloping form
Dishevelled and gaunt
Lifeless listed gait envokes true
Gnarled and stooped
Unwilling to open up
Pushing away assistance
Compressed by societies reactions
Onward with back pack of pain
Stumbling and faultering in dispare
. ……………. STRUGGLE…………………


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                   Crimson emblazened
               Supported and carressed
          Photosynthesis’s life cycle glows


Floating free
Indavidualised attempts
Freedoms chance
Sections of a whole
Un joined , soleless
Staring at limbs of cell
Cavorting in spacialism
Breathing carbon copied choice
Struggling for re apatriation of wholeness
Confused and deviod of strengths
Singular and weakend
Imbasilic atomic composatory woe


Standing in rows
Sways of dullness
Interpreted as conformitivity
Shuffeling our way
Through dailly trudgery
Numbers not names
Tick boxes of similarity
Scared to enblazen colour
Fearfull of our indavidualism
Sanctamonious oppressive simulation
Natures devoid of self
Robotic motions clock work ability
Regemented by generatory conformism
Life slopes by unaware of freedoms gift

Sirens Escape

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Random
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The sirens scream in despare
Forlorn they weep
Whaling low and longingly
There life blood drains slow
Hearts torn assunder from their breasts
As angelic gardains carry  high
Thier muse and love lustness
Torn from them by the remaining goodness within
Salvation is not to be thiers
Concubines of evils fragitity
They are set to roam alone
For eternity in search of lusts longing
Pale at frailties edge
Balancing precariously
Between love and deaths angst
These wretches of evils doing
Are left to wallow eternally


We awaken from our slumber
Rise and ready for the day ahead
  Fuel the body with nutrient energy
   Tackle the tasks put in our way
Build our circles without thought
    Gathering aquaintances and friends alike
     Break for lunch and social interaction
       Back to the toil and monetary earning
   Freedom speeds closer as time ticks on
Breaking from cover  heading for home

Boil the kettle after closing the door
   Keeping our trials firmly behind us
     Kick off our shoes and sit and relaxing
      Contemplations of events ahead
         Take stock and refuel the stores that are depleated
Chat to our friends or complete simple tasks
  Watch some Tv or out to the gym
    Soak in a bath as day nears its end
      Tucked up tight,safe and warm
   Heading for dreams ville till early morn

Like a movie reels that continue loop
  Days become rituals and times not our own
From this day forward we dance to a tune
Played by others or chosen by you
Indapendance of thought and indavidual ideas
Make time for ourselves and people so dear