Cortex seperation

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Random
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From the fluidity of normality
Life tares into sectionalised fragments
Joy,love and compassion devolve
Terror,angst,trepidation and dipressiveness
Implode towards the fore front
While peace and compassions lists fade
Rocking back and forward
Refusal of intigratory expression
Light blackend and dimmed
Throwing life into perpetual dispare
Former Companions scoff and laugh
Misunderstood situstions reflect
Where and how to find safeties gate
Tugging at realities passing
Weapons and tools laid before us
Selectiveness and power grows
What section amd choice is strong enough
No one knows or wants too understand
Screams for assistance miss heard
Futility reigns supreme
Solitudes angst and sullen space
Drags kicking and screaming
Nulifying motions,sounds and passion
Moping and glazed the states of many
Why does the cortexual imbalance thrive
Dipressions and fears


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