The Dark Riders

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Random
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Lying here
Pain etched deep
Wracked and torn from core
Eyes glazing over
Life seeping away from soul
Enevitability of endings arrival
Shallow and hollow breath

The encroachment
On approach the steely clovan hoofs
Glinting in the dimness
Raven black steads
Ruby red eyes pearcing
Hooded riders
Wretched and twisted form
Galloping to collect there quarry

This gnarled and contorted
Sole left lifeless
By indiscretions bared
Angst filled retaliations
Purpose and existance wiped
From the ultraviolet brightness of life
Limp and still against time
Fearing not the journey

Scooped up with ease
Carraged free to dingy depth
Reward for evils past
No bugles or fanfares played
Just burning heat flaming around
Molten chains and forged mask adorned
Time has come to join the riders
On continual journey for souls off
Dam nation


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