Posted: September 8, 2014 in Random
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                   Gazing into the eyes
          Of this unrecognisable person

                   Scarred and Bruised
         By aflixctions born not aquired

           Unreconizable against self
       Internal image confused by form

                  Confidances twisted
        By dailly contoversy and abuse

                       Arms stronger
           Outstretched and grasping

                        From this entity
     Pulling both self and image as one

                Power and satisfaction
        Cource freely through this flesh

            Enpowered and stimulated
       Strides forward made with pride

                           This is me
     I am what I see and this makes me

                Haters and doubters
         Wallow in your putrid fears

          Entrapped by Inadiquant
   Doubts of egotistical Socialisms

                 The Cover doesnt
           The book or story make

           Jugmentalism fails you
Reflectiveness empowers and elevates


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