Cyber Genacide

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Random
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Generatory segmentation
Motor skills devolved
By motor neuron developementation
Information highways and netscapes
Delude the internal matrix
Youth scrambled and lathargic
Technalogical advances inhibit skill
Segrigatory sediment blocks
Social media deforms as it informs
Email and text scrub out alliences
Pen is unemployed and un feared
No longer mightier than the sword
Weapons global and infectious by design
Freely we accept advances with glee
Adapting and utilising
The castastophy of societies dying breath
Intervention incapable off severance
Progress the Destruction of closeness
Genocide of humanities tactility
Paranoid and scattered are the able
Every step watched
Directed sublimanaly by Media
What of written or oral word
Stratospheric calamity of dumbness
Life abreviated and emotionless
Who will here or know of our plite
Muted S O S transmitted
Unseen by global blindness
Staring at out Tv’s,laptops,Pda’s
We conform unwittingly

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