The Watcher

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Random
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Eyes pearcing and aware
Soak up countless images
Interpret and analyse
Store informations countless formats
Motionless and silent
No pre requisite actions noticed
Indifferance too unreferenced
Targets hot locked
Jamming of acquisition futile
Emotiveless features
Sullen and barren

Interceptual task
Explosive and direct
Actions swift and meaningful
Targets dismissed and dealt with
Disturbance to suroundings minimal
Civilization unaware of commotion
Agressors of all natures
Nulified without exterior awareness
Return to emotive stillness
Complete and swift
Even the victim of attack oblivious

Secure and unknowing
Dailly tasks completed
Life un ruffled by events
Smooth transition of day too day
Area secure and sterilised
Normality reigns supreme
Without compulsion
No praise or thanks transferred
Oblivious too watchers state or task
Nameless and invisable

Thanks to the protectors the watchers of soul.


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