The mighty Fall

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Random
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Once revered
Stood tall amongst all
Commanded respect
Technicolour and civility ouzed
Joy,laughter and happiness reigned
Capital and provincial center peice
Brightest jewel in the crown
Tourist and traveller alike flock
Businesses fall over themselves
Throwing money developing
Elevating standing without fault

Social and economic dispare
Crashes hard
Dragging a veil over everything
Dark dingy and putrid
Scattering and tossing gems
The four winds win hands down
Buildings and people die
Swamped by dipravitys direction
Sorry full and dipressive
Petrified , joyless carcasses
Left behind without options
How quickly time forgets all
Tumbleweeds endless campaigne
To populate every space
Wind freely swishes carrying hells rain
Forgotten , miserable shadow off self


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