Control of hidden

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Random
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An emotion so raw
Sealed tight
Deep in the core
Explosiveness and power
Uncotrolable agressive strain

Slumbering quite contented
Among internal organs
Tethered to pulmunary virtue
Sub concious’s subliminaly chained
This powder keg
Fragile of construction

Pressurised situations
Eccesive fear or stresses
Compounded by chemical imbalances
Rupturing vessels
Quickining heart rythmes
Adrenaline fueled testosterone
Depth charges engage
Muscle fibres fire free

Self omitting cataclysms
Striking out without warning
Pudulistic prose mastered
Deadly accurate and true
Targets fall without sight
Blinded by a red hewd mist
Thick and dence

Sub concious realisations
Stillness falls once more
Peace returns
Core cools and calms
Pulse returns too normality
Remanisance of event deviod
Self control initiated
Civility reigns supreme

No apology or remorce
Dailly routine and actions
Training and education resumed
Socialisatory norms
Life and soul of occasion
Angelic form once more
Free of blame


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