Mr Invisble

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Random
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Sitting here on the chair
You talk about me
As if I wasnt there at all
Your glimpses and gazes
Bore straight through
Or into yonder blue
I ask question
With our acknowledgenent ir reply
Waving doesnt catch your eye
By lingual tone I use so often
Smash like glass on stoney bottom
I wear bright clothes
Play music loud
Still I disapear into the croud
I glide around to not disturb
While you plough by unperturbed
Nudging and shoving are the norm
No aires or gracious words
I am a being alive and whole
With human frame
Skin and all
Bewildered by behaviours bourne
By humanity so fare and warm
I will scream,shout and lash out
To make my point and interupt


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