Posted: July 31, 2014 in Random
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Tattered and torn
Body wrecked and ravaged
Heart plucked from chest
Strewen on the dusty floor
Beating slowly barely alive

She had gave
Completely to him
She was a vessel full
With love,joy and togetherness
His alone forever
Un faultering and true
His conqubine and partner

Did this depravity
Become the normality
Farming her out to all and sundry
Earning a living
From this sick and twisted
Regiment of sin filled torments
Thrusting this innocent soul
Into a repetative hell
With no escape

Lies there lifeless
Racked with pain
Deep disolusion takes hold
Her golden days disapeared completly
Fearful of gaze and touch
Trust gone and obliterated
From memory
How will she live whole

She etches
In blood her final dreams
Freedom from pain
Carefree days once more
Salvation saught
True meaning of life
Deep in cazms of darkness
Where can she go
Will she ever trust again

Tears wash the page
Turning her words into mush
Un readable or recognisable
Litteral resembelance of self
She closes her eyes
Hoping never to wake
Once more
In this hell pit
Escaping is just
One sleep away……
Possibly final
As she drops off
The bottle hits the floor
Was it empty……..
Was her escape set…..


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