Posted: July 28, 2014 in Random
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Drifting away
   Emersed fully
In the deepest sanctum
Imaginative explosions carry

Word for word
   Painting scenes
Vividly in technicolour
Reality disapates into a memory

Freedom reigns
   Exploration of new
Enveloping deeper into adventure
Becoming one with the story

   Extreme sensations
Love,life,being and nature
From cover to cover

Minutes,hours and days
   Pass in seconds
Seemless as pages turn
Flip book of eventuality

Real life
   Mundane and trivial
Reluctance to be self
Waining of abilities true

Untill the last breath
  Is born of fate
Nothing in this life
Corasponds to revalations found

  Fills the heart
As the final page
  Reluctantly and defiently
Turns despite your deceptions

Beyond today,tomorrow or future
  The next instalment waits
On the shelf glaring
  With excitements breath

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