Humanity souls

Posted: July 26, 2014 in Random
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Drowning in profanity
Cast asunder by society
Rage against the system
Pudulistic failure
Legalised conformism
Regulations spewed out by governance
Idavidual acceptance stifled
Nanny state recognised
Humanity’s freedoms revoked
Civilisations destroyed
Forgotten and un cared for
Fat cats bonuses explode
Poorness spirals
Hidden and blameless
By controlled media inputs
Forged scenes painted
Shown as truth to world

We are
All in danger
Choose carefully
Stand by beleifs
Rise against the mechanical state
Prove ritchiousness’s
True power
Selectiveness and opinions vote
We the people are in control
Of the electorial responce
Decide,provide and hold accountable
The suited maniquines placed
In high positions by the masses
We have the right
To ask,question and challange

Stay silent at your peril
      Do not live fearful
         Make them change for Us


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