Posted: July 11, 2014 in Random
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Red mist

Desending deeper

Rage and contempt build

Preasure rises higher

Whisltling like a kettle on heat

Vision impared and blurried

Jaws tight shut

Teeth gnarled and grinding

Adrenalin pumps supersonicly

Heart pounds out off chest cavity

Palms swet,muscles twitch and clench

Consintrated stares

Filled with agressive tears

Snorting and grasping of breath

Fists clenched vice like

Target locked with precision

Silence falls with concrete veil

Erruption imminent

Pools of pent up emotive TnT

Acompanied with bound elastical tensions

Shutters down expresion blank

Body lacking recognisable form

Deathly silence shrouds vacinity

  1. You capture rage well with your words

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