Are we just Numbers

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Random
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Pressures of societies want
Numerical statistics
Exploding on every page
Compliance expected resolute
Facts churned out
A kin to normalities needs
Shunned for individualism
Plagureised for self
incarcerated and shackled
By illegitimate power struggles
Dare to be indifferent
Non conformists regulatory angst
Laws and decrees spilt
legislators gaps scouted
Bending of facts encumbrances
Trials and tabulations battles daily
deformities of state rule
Blame thrown asunder
Gloop and sludgery mires lives
Depresiveness encapsulates freedoms
Self expression is frowned upon
Regulators hand out systematic numerical
Ques formed in rank and file
Heads dropped in robotic compliances
Dailey toils stuck off against statutory duels
They want we must mind-set
Where is free speech
Grasp at nirvanas freedom’s

  1. You are writing so good Brian 🙂

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