Self Worth

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Random
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Have you survived,pulled through tough times,overcome harrasment or bullying.
   Been beaten,pushed,pulled or tormented for what ever reason ? ,whether a child or through adult hood and beyond.
   I can sympathise with your hard journey and all the pitfalls that you may have faced. As I myself have and still do suffer but also know watch amazed as my eldest son suffers at the hands of bullies and ignorant people unknown and known alike.
  This is not for sympathy but to praise and help you realise that you have won prizes all your life every step of the way.
  In your self acheivements,employment success,family,friends and the fact you can hold your head high and smile(even if you dont realise or feel you can).

How can I personally do this you may be asking. I have 40 years experience in the trenches dealing with everything from Bullying too Discrimination,Mental and Physical Abuse,Ptsd,Multiple Maxi Facial operations,4 Bouts of meningitis and Fybro Myralga.
    And I am here alive 6ft4 and father of 4 brilliant kids and happily married.

Have you actually taken a look at what you have acheived in life properly?.
  Do you pat yourself on the back from time too time.
  Give yourself treats or reward days,see what others see in you ?.
   Take stock of good events and bury bad or nasty events in life.
  Learn from all you do,turn negative into positive.
   Grow stronger more inteligent and resiliant.
   Smile in the face of adversity and turn the other cheek.
   Most of all survive make best and show your true colours.

I will just about bet most dont answer the above truthfully. And these are things you all do despite off yourselves.
   A lot of people recon I am supper strong and hard nosed. Possibly I am but it took years of hard work,and the mental fortatude to say and have the F*** You attitude.
  If people are nieve,narrow minded and ignorant towards your mental,physical,social or personal issues.    Race,religion,sexuality,ability,disability or disfigurements.Then that is there down fall and problem. Due to decades of societies fear and blindness towards the needs and lives of others.   Generational discrepancies in attitude towards many things is passed from Father too Son and Congragation/group to indavidual.
   Everything from being left handed too not being able to read or write and facial disfigurements and disabilities.
   Where all seen by authority figured organisations as evil,stupid,mental and imperfectual. All because they did not truelly understand the causes,reasons,effects,indaviduals or conditions that they were seeing.
   So even in the 20th century we are dealing with beleifs from the 30s and beyond. Slowly over generations the acceptability and ignorance is being chizzled away from all areas of society and life. But its taking a long time for all sections and groups to receive the same blanket level off acceptance socially and publicly.

Do you go to work?,carry on regardless and get on with life ?. Then you are winning and deserve the prize and praise for a job well done.Extra acceptance by others and yourself for acheivements and timescale.
   You have a brilliant life you have made it what it is regardless of support or assistance received or not. You are better than all tormentors no matter on what level as you have a clear concience and hold your head up high.
    Dont take heed of these doubters honest its not your fault they are blinded by ignorance and fear.
  Rise above spread your wings and fly your own true path this is for you and its meant to be your choice not anyone else.
   Play the hand you were dealt with inteligance and be fearless. Accept and seak help when needed,relax and take stock often and keep records of all goals set and acheived.
    Always wake up smile and pat yourself on the back Well Done Another Day. Defeat all with that happy manorism and joyfull soul be yourself regardless.

Life is for living, Take charge control affects on self and smile 😉

  1. Wise words from a wise man Brian, thanks for sharing 🙂

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