Tree is life

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Random
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From seed
Small insignificant and fragile
Nurtured by fertile womb
Tended with care and love

Fed by natures larder
Consumption of world abound
Releasing newness
With every breath and stage

Enlightening and wonderous
Gentle and innocent
Soaking up knowledge
Glowing form of life

Gnarled branches
Scars of indiscresions bared
Deformed and twisted
By humanities indifferance

Stretching towards the light
Through societies formations
Challenging for every inch
Stealing, symbiotic space

Spiral and unfolded
Limbs strewn assunder
Encapusulating growth virtue
Pride in selfness
Power of ability and faith

Standing tall
Enriched and strengthened
Comfortable within
Deseptive in lifestyle

You are the tree
Strength of vitue
Projector of life
Leader by example
Bearer of lives fruit

  1. Just Patty says:

    Beautiful my friend.
    Hugz & Love ❤

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