Strength of life….Self

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Random
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I am the warrior
Fighting battles unseen
Swagger of impetiousness
Strides and gate of power
Strength of form
Armed with undesputed faith
Weapons of vitrue and relevance
Ruled by self commanded by fate

Laying foes before me
I strike against ignorance and pains
Fearless and determind
Protector and agressor against all
Tormentors,attackers and ensnarers beware
Fiesty and nimble
Stength of mind,control of body and utiliser of dreams
Entrapment and abuse are futile

Innerself powers and drives
Faith in my indavidual abilities
Comfort in understanding of self
Control and knowledge of situation or condition
Pride to be who ever I am meant to be
Ignorance and convertability of others thoughts
Fortatude and deliverance of outcomes chosen
I am me,I am wonderful,I am strong and I am in control


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