Posted: June 10, 2014 in Random
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From babe to adulthood
You have guided and taught
Worked tierelessly at your day job
Knew experiences taught
Helped with my homework
Taught me to play
Been supplier of knowledge
Facilitator of fun
Even been jailer and skelped my bum
I love you for ever always its true
My mortal protector and father too

Nobody gives you the praise everyday
So writing these word so I can say
There is nobody like you
None can take your place
Your here right beside me in time and space
You live true forever in this day and more
I know you’ll protect me for all time I am sure
Take stock of your acheivements as I stand by your side
Take pride in your teaching as a concur one more
Your guidance and wisdom have shaped who I am
Even right down to my pitching arm

Enjoy your day for all you have done
Allow yourself reflection
And a day filled with fun
Joy of your offspring many or one
You are always the leader
Our number one
Our friend and father
Great love from your ……………….


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