Muscle First Aid home essencials

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Random
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MUSTARD POWDER: This has been used by sports and fitness pro’s for decades.
Warm bath: as hot as you can take it with spoon of powder.
Soaks through the skin and hears muscle from inside out.
As a Paste: mix with water or oil apply to injured area and cover with bandage ect. Will seap through pores and act as a great heat source.



Any of the above , one heat ,one cold/freeze and Tiger balm for imediate treatment.

A variety of properly sized supports either bandage or neioprene type so automatic support and releif can be provided.

Proper exercise preperation stretching and warm ups will also help prevent or lessen possibility of injury occurance.
  Aswell as proper fitting clothing and foot wear also lessen the effects.
But most of all proper for amd posture during exercise provide the best way to eradicate indjury occurance.

Always have Ibuprophen gel or tablets in your kit list as these limit swelling and pain at the same time. Addiquate dailly water intake and varied diet also help.

  1. Great idea with the mustard, that one was new to me. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    Wow I remember hearing my grandmother talk about “mustard packs” in the old days. Looks like its valid. Thanks- good stuff!

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