Duet poem with Brian: Us

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Random

this was awesome loved it


I wrote this duet with my dear friend Brian.

–>https://fozzyfitness.wordpress.com/ <–

Brian started writing poetry not so long ago, but I really enjoy his poetry so much!

He’s very talented and I recommend that you check out his blog right away.

Thank you for writing with me my sweet friend. Love you! ❤



Separated by murky blue

 Ensconced in civilisatory bliss

 Navigating humanities socialisms

 Unknown to each other

 Un wittingly connected by conception

 Invigoured and stimulated by surroundings

 Introduced by fate and friendships fare


Separated, but not apart

Entwined by a caring heart

Lost inside a world of indifference

Souls connect  through kindness

A shining light in the darkness

No matter the distance

Life will make its own balance


Conceptualized blissfulness

 Contempted compliance shared

 Nurtured and Sprouting realism

 Twinning and stretching boundaries

 Scribbling’s and actions mirror actual selections and dreams

 Propelling combined bodies onwards



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