Salute to you

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Random
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Standing stag in forgein lands
Scanning horizons in the sand
With IED’s and pertol bombs
They try to steel civilities away
We search and clear snipe and hunt
Through village,lane and wooded hut
Amidst it all we meet and greet
The village leader,child in street

In far of places,safe from harm
Our family masses cosy and warm
Worried sick and struggling through
What does this posting do to you
We praise you loud
Hold you dear
In our hearts your always here
Keeping us safe
Grounded and true
In reality we are with you

We do our duty
Till this tour is done
Dreaming of days in the sun
The support of your love
And nation brave
Is why our pride fails to cave
For queen and country
We do our stint
Pride ,honour and true grit


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