Watching You Go

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Random
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Staring across still dark water
Searching for life forces
Beyond the murkier enbodyment
Not a ripple or wave shows
On your surface glassial and still
No shimmer of life or light shafts
Appear or reflect into my eyes

Where has the life tranfered too
When only days ago
It was energetic in its eruptiveness
Ripples glistened with golden glow
And Foam coated waves carressed the shore
What forboding evil has stolen the treasure of life

Fixed glare of dispare
Scanning every segmental section
Praying and hoping to find
One small immebic glimpse of hope
A ripple of breath breaking free
Or a insignificant wave lapping in quiet life like joy
Hope above hope of regeneration and envigourment

Hour after hour sighlently watching
Dispare taking over at thought of the end
Perhaps continued struggles added pain and strife
Have finally drawn your spirit from life
I shed a tear of quiet sorrow
Give up my honour in salute of your name
We played together for manies a summer
Flow back to nature for ever and ever


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