I Grow True

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Random
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Deep in the noise of silence
Alone with thoughts and ideas
Fighting countless depressives
Bound by and breacking shackles of fate
Inconsistent and dwelling emotives
Languishing  soul in its sadistic lustfulness

Where to transport the idealism
Fueling transmitive apearances
Proppeling futuristic emotions and
Clarity of processive thought
Controled opperative action similies
Dragging the light back to this surviver
Enriching and transfoming listfull acts
Once again rapturious enablism returns

Power to the indavidual
That is self, shattered manikles
Lie strewn beneath my feet
Arisen and free growing stronger
Only through thy dispares and trials
Can the pure strength or realism flourish
Envelope the pain and dispares tortures
Converted now drives determination to succeed
I am self, self is true couragious journies her I come
Full  of fire and stealy conviction

I am alive,I wil thrive despite others convictions and actions


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