The Morning

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Random
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I awaken open my eyes
Stretch the elasticity of musles
Relaxed and shortened by rest
Pull back the curtains
Letting golden rays cascade
Freely into the room
Enriching every indavidaul space
With its warm and gentle touch

Drawing open the window
Angelic and sweet melodies
Stimulate the ether invigorating the sences
Mother natuers naturalistic get up and go
Symbolising the enriched symbiosis that we live in
Good morning world welcome and blessings to thee

Fully enriched charged for the day
Elecrical receptors fully at play
Golden kissed foot steps
Smile on my face
No stress or interpidation
Here in my space
Ready for battle and challange today
How great the feeling at breaking at day

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