Fitness Inovates Here is the “Spyder360”

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Random
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The Spyder 360 Basic

Below is a 30 second Vidio


This is an brand new never seen before peice of Fitness equipement about to hit the industry

Brilliant for all levels of fitness from Beginner to seasoned Athletes and Fitness Models

Ideal for Home or Portable Fitness

Brillaintly portable and adaptive

Gym’s,Sports Teams and indaviduals alike

Do you like having the newest peice of kit ?, Want an edge on the others in the Gym, Like to promote and get insperation

Well the Kick Start Programme is definatly for you:

This is our timeline from Kickstarter launch to shipping the product to consumers.
Kickstarter launch = End of June
Campaign Length = 36 Days
Tooling Completed = End of August
Production parts and packaging start coming off the line = November
Shipping to Kickstarter Backers = Starting December 15th

Packages and Prices

The Spyder 360™ Basic™ will come with a set of The Spyder 360’s™, a knee pad, and a work out guide. – Picture attached
$59.99 per set for the first 500 sets
$69.99 per set for the next 500 sets
$79.99 per set for the first 925 sets
$89.99 per set for the next 925 sets
$99.99 per set for the next 925 sets
$109.99 – 119.99 per set for all remaining sales. – This price is tentative due to manufacturing changes.

Below is a 2 min vidio

Please watch

Links to Spyder 360

This is Gonna be huge, Get onboard and get it first pass this on to all friends,Family,Gyms,PTs and Fitness enthusiasts

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    Lets Spead the Word Reblog Please

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    My son would love this!

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    READ and Pass on Excelant peace of innovative fitness kit

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