Posted: May 23, 2014 in Random


Fires of absalution rage
The indignaties of tortures past
Internal dam nation
Fuels the desires deep within
No lord protector of malistic honour
Will ever again get to rape and pillage
The favours of her inner sanctum

Steely natured physicalities
Thorny and sharp defences
Envelope and protect
Every part of her indavidual form
Swaiths of hatered cascade
Freely through her soft tender core
Fueling her destructive passions

Defender of souls torn apart
Producer of perpetual condem nation
Freedom fighter and protector
Self proclaimed warrior of femanine virtue
Slayen warriors strewen around her feet
Decapitaded and raped clean of control
Masculinity diminished and deformed.

Serching for ritchious and true
This warrior Princess
Embarcks on her journey of discovery
Finding herself and regenerating
Her socially accepted form
Without dropping her guard
And relinquishing control
Stronger this femanine form
Beating beneath her breast
No man will cage or tame her


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