I never met you in your prime
The life friend
That should have been mine
Not for this earth
Your beauty and grace
Nor the angelic smile on your face

I have met you in dreams
Chatted and laughed
About what might have been
Taken you places
You have never seen
My joy and my sorry all in one place

Still part of my either
In your holy grace
Keeping close watch from higher place
Never a day or second goes by
Without a tear and glint in my eye
Not filled with sadness
This heart of mine

Keeper of joy my soul is thee
Passing on love
No other can see
Safe in the understanding
Of where we will meet
To party for ever
Behind the pearly gates

Not for just now
With life I must stay
But soon enough and forever
At end of my days
Sleep well my angel
With warmth in your heart
The warmth of your being
Deep in my heart
With love I remember and think if you still

May God Keep you Safe and True

  1. New style. Your poem is very good 😀

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