The Butterfly Light Award

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Random
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My dear friend Patty- kindly nominated me for this award



Iam greatly honoured to accept this award from my great friend and hope that i am worthy and uphold the reasons for my nomination.


  • You must write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them. YOU MAY NOT lump this award in with other awards.
  • You must individually name and re-award at least 1 or more bloggers.  You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog OR a pingback on their about page.
  • You must link back to Belinda’s blog at
  • You must write a short paragraph titled either “How I’m Spreading Light”  OR  “How I’m A Positive Influence”
  • Display Belinda’s beautiful “Butterfly Light Award” badge on your blog.

How Am I A Possitive Influence

My Blog is a mixed bag of varied subjects from Poetry to Health and Fitness advice along my journey i hope to impart information,spread happieness and inspire others in what ever they want to do.

I try to support and encourage as many as i can through my writing and support of there blogs and other articles and passing on advivce

My grit and determination supported by my personable nature and personal experiences arm me with a great arsenal of support tools and advice

And whether by reading my blog or me being there when needed i hope to assist and help as much as i can


You have all been Shining Lights to me on my journey so far ,Thank you for your friendship and support .  You do not have to accept the award just know that you are apreciated.

Love and Hugs



  1. Dr. Rex says:

    Congrats!! Well deserved!!

  2. vinnieh says:

    Congrats, you deserve this award for your inspiring blog.

  3. Awe thank you that is so lovely of you and a lovely post xxx

  4. Congratulations, you really deserve this one 😀
    Thanks for your nomination, very appreciated.

  5. D. Parker says:

    Congrats Brian! Well-deserved. 🙂

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