Sleep a Night

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Random
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Our deliverance and articulations
Dance and fight
While we slumber on pillows of down
Transporting our subconcious body
To far of places and people there too meet

Interactions and intrepadations of situations
Not yet dealt a living breath
Guiding our future unknowingly
From sanctaty and subliminal rifts

Body sound with systematic
Twitches and bursts of motion
Fast twitch nerves goggling eyes as if in pepetual motion
Brain activity above speeds comprehended by mental states

In this sleep repair function
Muscle and organ alike regenerate
Asimilating the needs of the future
Building pathways nueral and physical
For or concious souls to invigorate
This is our sleep delving slumber
Wrappings of cotton and feathery solace


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