Scotland too Me

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Random
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My home where the heart lies
The place that holds me dear
Endelably carved into my core
Sences and attitudes inprinted into the strands of DNA
Never to be seperated no matter how far away I travel

The sencabilities and tradidtions
Drumming up the Wallace spirit
Slange to our National heritage
Truth,fight,heart and determinations
Treated like lab mice for tyranic govermental test
By  nieve and un educated halls of Westminster
Fearfull of our power and social and national developements

The unforgiving Mountains and Bens
Raging rivers tumbling and carving there way to the sea
Thundering shores of white foaming delight
Full of wonders and delights to enrichen the lives of mortals
Haggis,Tatties and neeps with a dram of the Golden nectar

The galas but fair indavidualism that makes every man different
From accademics to the working class gowk
Sences of humour to witty prose
Billy Connelly to Robert Burn
A pride in productiveness From the humble Mac too Tar mac for roads
Sir walter Scot to Harry Potter detectives and scoundrals alike

My Nationality shows so clear
In everything even my choice of beer
I am a Scot I proudly shout
Flower of Scotland my hame from hame
My birth place and resting place always will be
You will never take either away from me Shout it loud and proud



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