The substance of soul

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Random
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The wind blows gently
Rustling the leaves
Trees swaying lightly
Too and frow
The autum gold
Flits and sails downward
finally nestling
On the amber gold bed below

That crisp crunch and rustle
As every step lands softly
On the carpet beneath
Flicking toes send cascades
Of rightious colour
High into the air
And it dances on the breeze
Before resting again

The autumnal perfume
Fills your nostrals
And inflates your lungs
With pure and wonderious
Natural endophines
Quickening the heart
And relaxing the soul
Fading turmoils fall behind
As clarity takes control of your thought

Peace of bird song
Takes you deep and fully
Away from yourself
purification and relaxation
Soul,body and mind
Once more in tune
No more hustle and bustle
Etched on the Cerebral cortex
Burnt into your soul

At one with Nature
The true and free
Floating and washing
Over every inch
External and internal
The freedom at last to be
Who you were meant to be
Carry this with you on your journey
And return often to replenish
And ground the substance
  Off your soul

  1. Beautiful 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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