Muscle Ache and Pains The Treatment

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Random
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There are many differing types of treatment for muscle injuries from simple sprains too torn muscles.
   After 20+ years in sport and fitness as an athlete and 20+ as coach and physio for various teams and clubs at all levels.
  I found it very important to provide the players and staff with a mental and physical first aid to muscle treatment.
  (Always seek medical advice for and injury)
The information in this blog will give you a immidiate head start and infomation and knowledge. To begin treating and releaving your aches and pains.
(Above are some images of muscle groups and injuries)
Why show these, most people dont know what muscles are what, where they are or what is around them.

Do you have:

Mustard powder
Malt/Apple Viniger
Lavander oil
Epsom Salts
Ibuprophen gel+tablets
Tube a grip bandage
A bath
Foot spa
Frozen veg
Heat rub or spray

Mustard Powder: This is inexpencive but a brilliant aid for aches and pain in muscles.
1) Use in a really hot bath (as hot ss you can take) and soak for as long as you can. The mustard will penitrate your pours and work on the miluscle from the inside out.
(Same in a foot spa)
2) make into a paste and rub onto skin and bandage as with the bath it will soak onto skin and assist the muscle from within.
Apple/malt vinigar used in congunction with warm/hot water as a soak or with lemon, kale, water as a drink to supply the body with anti oxidants .
Lavander oil: used as a rub or a soak helps muscles relax assisting regeneration.
Epsom salts a spoonfull in a warm/hot bath
Ibruprophen gel : applied to the area of pain it helps releave and take swelling down in area surrounding muscle.
Ice: fill a bath with ice and sit in it add some water half and half. The cold will assist the body to regenarate and heal by pumping blood to the muscles providing nutrient rich blood to the area and taking swelling down.

Hot and cold treatment heat followed by cold will assist the regeneration process.

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