I am I do

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Random
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Waking up
Stretch and yawn
Hit the button
To put shower on

Jumps straight in
Wash me down
drying of with
warm Towel

Pull on cloths
brush my hair
kettle on
Toaster there

Fed and fueled
for the day
dogs on leads
and on our way

Trees of green
Feilds so lush
With cows and sheep
Peace an tranqual
Breezes still

Wander and roam
Pooches in tow
Over yonder hill
And down the fell

Back again to mechanic
Street welcoming people
That we meet
Open our door
Sturdy and strong

Water for dogs
Tea for me
What wonders
Await me
Today lets see.

  1. Nicer hair than me that’s just so wrong! šŸ˜€

  2. Brian, Great style you have from day to day….saying so much so succinctly!!! And this is so hopefully positive! –just try to proof for typos, slow down, or have someone proof. Example today: “Stetch and yawn” for “Stretch”? I have the same problem at 67 years old!!! I’ve seen others on other days by you but I did not want to be taken as critical. I am a retired teacher & Principal & just want to be helpful. YOU are worth it! Your writing & mind are so good! Phil P.S.: Please ignore any typos here by me! HA!

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