Insanity or drive

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Random
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Can not stop
Heart race top
Pounding beats
Hit the streets

Power hard
Each exercise
Jumping jacks
Abs 6 pac
Push them up
Squat too floor
Give it all
Or go home

Started slow
Days a go
Now pushing hard
No time for fads

Ab obliques
Power jumps
45 minutes
No time too grump
Push it hard
Fighting through

Two more months
And fight it out
See a change and count it out
Nutrition stars and water charge
Keep it up you super star

60 days of living hell
Give it a spin
You might as well
Never give up
The minute your in
Cause your insane
But fit and trim

  1. Just Patty says:

    Very nice my friend! I love the way it flows, it’s almost like a mantra.
    Job well done!
    Hugz & Love

  2. Brian, Great verse, message, & graphic! You are looking like Patty’s posts! Phil

  3. Gosh I’m exhaisted after reading that 🙂 x

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