Today I was asked how I bacame me, as grounded and relaxed as I seem.
   I had to think long and hard about it because its something I have done without thought (or awareness) .
  I made a decision to not do too, others as I had done to me. At an early age, to learn humility and too have strength,and to make myself the best.
I could through education,training,understanding,knowledge and experience.
   The main one though is self acceptance and awareness of self. This is one of the most important, thinking of yourself is not an easy task. As we grow up we are taught to think of others before ourselves.
   So self thought is conciously quite difficult. I am constantly being told by friends that I am tough on myself and I am better than I think .

I have never told them , that I know this and that being hard on me my way keeps that person true and real. By not allowing myself to slip from what is seen.
   Throughout life situations,challenges and difficulties are put infront of us,to navigate past and workout. How we deal with these is how others see us and what makes us who we are. Our compassion,love,heart,determination,feeling,care,attention and abilities all make up our tool kit for life.
  Ask yourself “Who am I” see if you can write down a list or a few paragraphs without a title .Then give it to a trusted and close friend and see if they can tell you who it is . If you want to before that ask them “Who do you think I am” and see what list or there few paragraphs contain and if you recognise yourself.
( Dont take anything written to heart)
This is purely  a task of interest not a concrete evaluation.

You are amazing:
You are You

Never be anything anyone wants you to be if it changes who you want to be and who you beleive ” I am”

  1. That’s it, Brian! You’ve got it together! Nice job here once again!!! Phil

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