Leibster Award

Posted: March 23, 2014 in Random


Hurray! I have received some awesome awards once again! 🙂



   Patty –  http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/ has nominated me for The Liebster Award!

Thank you so much my amazing friend! I am honored and grateful! You are a great friend!

The Rules:

•You must link back to the person who nominated you.

•Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

•Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 questions.

•You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

•You must let the people you nominate know they have been nominated.

The ten questions:

1. What inspired you or motivated you to begin blogging?

A friend suggested that Blogging would be the next natural step in my helping people and spreading my informative take on the world.

2. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

A young Lad called “David” from Brazil and a few family members and friends

3. If you were to open up your own restaurant, what kind of cuisine/s would you have and what features would it have i.e. bar, jacuzzi?

International Starters and Cocktail Bar with dance floor ,piano and mic

4. Where did you last go for holiday (vacation) and what activities did you do over there?

I went to Windemere Cumbria and went boating,Fishing Rambling,Cycling and relaxed

5. If you are working, what do you most like and hate about your job? –  for those who are unemployed, retired or otherwise not currently in the ‘employment market’, what do you like/hate about not working?

I love my job! As I don’t feel like I am working and clients results and reactions Are reward enough

6. If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?

Genetic modification of Taz and droopy Dawg

7. If I was to visit your city/town/village/hamlet, where would you show me as a tourist attraction and why?

Lake Windemere the most tranquile place in the world

8. What is your most treasured personal possession?

My laptop

9. Name one really eventful thing that happened in your blogging career?

Reaching 50+ followers  and meeting some great People

10. What is your favourite song of the moment?

Anything by Kylie Minogue

11. What is your favourite aspect of the Half-Eaten Mind. It can be anything, general or specific, content-wise or design-wise.

I  love the articles on Half Eaten Mind! Very informative. I also really like the retro look.

My Nominees Are;












  1. Tienny says:

    Congratulations 🙂


  2. Karen says:

    Congratulations! 🙂
    And thank you for the nomination! ⭐

  3. Tienny says:

    Congratulations 🙂 for the award

  4. Congratulations Brian! And thank you for the nomination 🙂

  5. Congratulations with your award 😀

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