Its a Dogs Life

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Random
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I sleep where I want,when I want
From the floor to a Big Comfy Bed
Padding about no thought in my head
Sniff at the Floor,Fridge and the door
Snuggle my owner getting treats Galore

Getting excited as coats are put on
Wagging my tail and dance at the door
Pointing at hooks where lead does sit
Grabbing attention and blocking the door
Hoping is walkies time once more

The lead is clipped on
I pull and spin round
Trying not too put my owner too  ground
Sitting pritty and giving a paw
waiting impatiently for the opening door

Pulling for freedom forgetting my place
What was that command my owner suggests
Listen intently and do as I want
Too many smells and people too meet
Tug at my lead pull and drag down

Head for the grass to sniff, releave and prance
There is my friend wagging barking with joy
Hope I get freedom or they’re going for a trip
3,2,1 I am away darting and sniffing the wonders of play
Wide open spaces and no rules today

For hours and hours I frolic and play
All these new places and smells today
My Owner and friend the ball has thrown
Better calm down and take them home
Walking to heal and listening well

Back to the household cosy and warm
Carpets a fire and treats aswell
Getting a fussing a good bog am I
Too sit with my owner or somewhere to hide
This is the life as I settle to sleep

Dreaming of dinner,treats,walkies and sheep
My family and friends in this pack of mine
Oh when will it be dunner time
The joy and amazement that is

                    A DOGS LIFE

  1. You have described my dog to a T!

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