We Are Born To Follow (Are We)

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Random
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Born an indavidual
Free from influence
Surrounded by new
Unaware of our place

We are fed
Changed and clothed
Taught at every step
Programmed by what we see

We soak up infirmation
Taking in like a sponge
Spinning in a sea
Filled with ideas
all if them free

Pushed in all directions
By those around us
Sent down paths
By our efforts
Assisted by influence

We take a stand
Forge our own path
Ridaculed and harranged
By those that dont see

Forward in life
We strive and push
Setting our stall
For the future so free

Taking the chances
Laid before us
By all around us
Friend or Foe

Living our lives
As an idavidual
Guided by our dreams
Free from the chains
That society make

Be the leader not a sheep
Just another member
Of society devoid of



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