!!!!! Advice From A Victim !!!!!

I have know penned a few blogs on the subject of Bullying. And my experience’s plus how I have dealt with it. I would like to give a tool kit of advice to others. It is never easy and people suffer in different ways and with that deal with it in a variety of ways too.
This is not a 100% for everyone but using these things your way will help as long as time and patience are taken.
I hope this helps or gives you tools to go and push forward yourself and become the best person possible.

The first thing anyone needs in life is self beleif. This provides you with strong foundations for life and a defencive inbuilt net work. Beleiving you are giving 100% to the tasks in hand regardless of what people say is all important and also hard when being brought down all the time.
Chin up an push on you are brilliant you have worth and the views of these negative people
even though it feels as if it does..

Sence of humour : This is of primary importance along with the ability to laugh and poke fun at yourself. Know that last comment might seem daft but I will explain . If you can insult and laugh at yourself then NO matter what is said by others has no effect at all or lessens the effect at worst.
Then with your sence of humour you can laugh off and retaliate with witty retorts at will. This is disarming and annoying to bullies of any sort but gives you the upper hand.

Self Confidance: The first two on the list help build self confidance,and your own ability to do. Strong nature and friend network help greatly too. This is always a work in progress but the first two with suppoert help you deal with the knocks and bumps you will take through life.
And once your confidance levels are up these negative people have little effect.

An outlet: Everyone needs a hobby or two to keep them level. So pick whatever makes you happy and at peace with yourself . A social and a solatary work for me so you have time to yourself and contact all when you need it. This will build the coping mechanism and allow easier clearing of the mind and blocking of the Shit in your life. By allowing you to vent and channel all your emotions into the activity at hand.

Lastly no fear : We have to talk to people about our ferlings,what is going on and what we want . Yes it is hard and to be honest I am not the best at this bit!!! ,but I use it when it is needed.
Know friends,trusted family members and exterior organisations child line,school councellors,ministers ect can all be useful.
It work honest after 39+ years and counting I have experienced most forms of bullying and tornent that can be dished out.

Because of all these things I am grounded and level headed and survive day in day out. Always here to help and advise anyone that needs it. It is tough but trust me hang in there it is worth it you will see the best of yourself and the better outcomes will be yours.


  1. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to raise 3 kids who accept people regardless of their diversity and in spite of what others might think. They don’t bully and they don’t tolerate bullies, I’m one happy mama 🙂

    Here, the state of Florida passed an anti-bullying law, it took the parent of a student who committed suicide about 5 yrs and lots of campaigning to get it passed. School districts have a zero tolerance policy that extends beyond school hours and includes social media. Students are also required (at least in my district) to attend a talk on bullying in elementary school and middle school. They are taught that it is completely unacceptable. It hasn’t eliminated it completely and social media has a much bigger impact on bullying than many of us realize, but I’m finding more and more that kids are much nicer to each other than when I was growing up.

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    Please accept the “Sunshine Award”
    Use the same questions I did..
    IF you don’t do Awards. Please, Pass it to a friend who does.


    PS: Add some pages (About me, etc) like on the top of mine..
    Go to Widgets in Dashboard to add this Award to your blog..
    STRUGGLE? Let me know…
    Sprooce your blog up a bit..You write, you want it read..
    Here to help..


  3. LFFL says:

    They really should do more about this bullying thing. I’m so upset every time I hear another story. Parents should be more involved in straightening out their own children too. Bullies deserve some kind of punishment or time served. Maybe it would scare them straight or cut down on it.

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