Muscles,Myralga and Me

I am 6ft4 and have had 4 bouts of meningitis 2 viral 2 bacterial. And fortunatly I have had no major ill effects  apart form the muscle and nerve damage on my left side.
Jumping out of perfectly good aircraft while in the army and years of semi professional sport. Will have also done some of the previous damage and aging systems to.

I can walk well , run , and swim but then in the same hand I can plummet to the ground like a stone. Dailly spasm in my muscles,pain,aches and twitches, all rolled up neatly in the package.
Know I am a father of four  children under 14 an irish setter 11 Springer Spaniel 1 and doctors advice is to rest !!. I am on ibuprophen,solpadol,nortriptyline and onyprostymol (I think thats how its spelt) but was only diagnosed 2 and a half years ago. After suffering symptoms for 9+ years before hand.
In this time I also went from 13.5 stone to a massive 26+ following doctors orders and resting .

Meds for me only dulled the pain hours and days of sleepless nights. Falls and accidents lack of energy more meds pilled on by health profesionals and more weight piled on me. Started to feel low useless and dipressed with my life and situation.
Then I got of my butt and started swimming changed my diet walked everywhere (no matter how slowly). Threw my sticks in a cupboard and picked my life off the floor.
After a month or two I started cycling too easier on the bones and body improved mobility range. Then I noticed the weight start to drop off drasticly,apart from water retention and swelling.
Hot bathes, Fozzies heat wraps,ice baths and saunas seen to that in a few weeks. In under 18 months I had dropped down to 17 stone and the movement ect was easier pain to manage  and I felt 100%+ better with life.
In just 2 months after that I managed to qualify as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. Get my 1 and a half mile time to under 7 mins,play football ect with the kids and run/walk the dogs for miles.
I know coach/train people to change there lives get healthy,fitter , improve lifestyle and prepare for what the world throws at them.
I still suffer dailly but because I can exercise and have larger range of mition it all seems lighter and easier to deal with. Also having an exceedingly high pain thresh hold really does help.
I know there are far worse than myself and ranging abilities differ too, but in my employment and knowledge experience I have gathered a wealth of relevant knowledge and expertise.
And try to advise and help anyone I can with there condition,lifestyle and treatment there off.

  1. LFFL says:

    Sorry to hear you suffering through all that. I hope things can somehow get better for you.

    • fozzbloglife says:

      Things are good I dont let them bother me too much know. I have country walks and work a good network of friends and my blogging jst hope what I write can help someone else in some way .
      Thank you for liking and reading my bloggs 😉

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