The Provider of future Tools

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Random

Today I was asked what I brought to the world !!!!

At Present I am a Provider and Trainer of tools and there uses for a better future.
This baffled the poor interviewer untill I explained.

Most of the population have been brought up on various misconceptions.
Whether it is the correct foods to eat,amounts and when to have food.               Then they are told how to exercise by their peers and adults most passing on bad habits as the law of how to do !!! .

When I pass on information to anyone it is tailored to the individual and there goals or aims. Teaching them how to change the thought processes they have around Food,Exercise,lifestyle and how they perceive it.
This then gives them the tools to enact change and make strides for better outcomes,(plant a seed and mighty oaks will grow) true in anything in life.
Being preached to by any academic or expert can be detrimental to both involved. As the information passed on gets taken as boring and forced changed. And the “Expert” eventually loses a client or student.
If the correct information is passed on and quantified by visual explanation and proof. Then progressed to the next level showing changes and possible outcomes.
Both individual’s learn and gain confidence and experience.This then grows respect and relationship within the realm of the teaching/training.

As a Client this brings you back to learn more and gain support .From the view of the teacher/trainer you have natural progression and subject understanding as well as good client-trainer confidence and respect.


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